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Fresno Backgrond Checks


A background investigation is the process of looking up and compiling criminal records, commercial records, financial records, and other records of an individual. Due to the sensitivity of the information contained in consumer reports and certain other records, there are a variety of important laws regarding the dissemination and legal use of this type of information.

At Strategic Investigative Services, we have the extensive experience needed to conduct reliable background investigations in the areas of employment, business, personal matters, insurance matters or legal concerns.

Deciding to conduct a background investigation is not devious or pessimistic. It's ethical, legal and wise. Why would anyone make uninformed decisions about their future, when they don't have to?



Fresno Asset Investigations


If someone owes you money, do you think that you can get your money back by going to court?

Most people do believe that they can get money that they are entitled to by going to court, and most people are completely wrong. There are millions of uncollectable judgments that tell the real truth:

If someone doesn't have collectable assets, a costly court case will bring you nothing - except a big legal bill.

Before you waste your time and money on a court case, an asset investigation can tell you what you absolutely must know about a person or a business. An asset investigation can uncover exactly what sorts of collectable assets someone has.

An asset investigation conducted by Strategic Investigative Services can determine how likely you are to get money in a court case. Only an asset investigation conducted by a qualified investigator can find out whether a business or person is using a fictitious business name, is hiding assets, or has multiple judgments, or a record of involvement in fraud.



Fresno Ca Background Investigations

Background Investigation Options

Level One Background   

  • Name and Social Security Number verification
  • Age and Year of Birth verification
  • Countywide court search for misdemeanors
  • Countywide search for felonies
  • Countywide search for Superior Court civil cases
  • Department of Motor Vehicle driving record
  • Employment and education verification

Level Two Background  

  • Includes Level One Background - Plus:
  • Search for relatives, associates, and marital status
  • Fraud scan for aliases and false Social Security Numbers
  • Address history with dates of residence
  • Search for bankruptcies, liens, and judgments

Asset Search Options

Level One Asset Search   

  • Basic due diligence asset profile
  • Name and Social Security Number verification
  • Real property search by name and address
  • Department of Motor Vehicle search for vehicles owned
  • Search for fictitious business (DBA) and corporate affiliations
  • Search for Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings
  • Search for Superior Court civil cases

Level Two Asset Search   

  • Includes Level One Asset Search - Plus
  • Search for bankruptcies, liens, and judgments (with dates and amounts)
  • Search for statewide professional licenses (including pilot licenses)
  • Search for aircraft, and watercraft
  • Fraud scan for aliases and false Social Security Numbers
  • Search for relatives and marital status

Level Three Asset Search   

  • Includes Level One and Level Two Searches - Plus
  • Search for financial institution affiliations - includes one affiliation
  • Additional financial institution affiliations at additional charge

Background & Asset Combination

Background and Asset Combination  

  • Combines Level Two Background and Level Two Asset Searches
  • Complete wide-ranging profile of your subject
  • Often used for business due diligence, prenuptial, dating, and executive level pre-employment



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