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Do you have a bail bond problem consisting of a bail jumper who is about to cost your bail bonds business a financial loss?

Strategic Investigative Services offers Bail Enforcement and Fugitive Recovery Services using PC 1299 compliant case agents who are highly qualified and well equipped to assist your company with the investigation, surveillance, and recovery of fugitives.

Our case agents are BAILSPEAK alumni who are knowledgeable of California bail laws and have an ingrained ability to locate and safely apprehend fugitives to reduce your risk of summary judgment.

Because our fugitive recovery agents are all former law enforcement officers with decades of experience, they know the tactics to employ during the investigation, search, and apprehension of dangerous criminals and fugitives. Their skills include, but are not limited to:

  • Interviewing potential informants
  • Self-confidence from prior experiences in hostile situations
  • Weapons training and proficiency
  • Control, restraint, and handcuffing expertise
  • Proper tactical procedures for making felony arrests
  • Experience with court procedures

At Strategic Investigative Services we will provide you with the best possible bail enforcement and fugitive recovery services available by using:

  • Licensed private investigators with experience in skip tracing investigations
  • Former law enforcement officers with experience in tactical operations
  • BAILSPEAK certified fugitive recovery case agents
  • PC 1299 compliant fugitive recovery case agents

When you hire Strategic Investigative Services for your bail enforcement and fugitive recovery needs, you can be assured that your defendant will be systematically tracked, located, identified, arrested, and surrendered whenever possible.

If you are considering hiring a bounty hunter, or fugitive recovery agent, be sure to ask them where they obtained their bounty hunter training. Always ask for a copy of their BAILSPEAK training certificates before putting your business at risk of civil liability caused by those who do not have the sufficient training and experience that is needed to properly perform these types of services.


Call us for reduced fees on straight pick-up work or if you only need bail bond investigators to accompany you to visit bail bond clients.

On Forfeitures Less Than 30-days After Failure To Appear
3% In-Custody Locate
5% For Causing Defendant to Self-Surrender, after first Apprehension Attempt
5% For Causing Forfeiture to be Set Aside by Reinstatement, after first Apprehension Attempt
5% Causing Forfeiture to be Set Aside by law enforcement apprehension
10% For physical apprehension & booking

On Forfeitures Within 30-Days of Summary Judgment
5% In-Custody Locate
10% For Causing Defendant to Self-Surrender, after first Apprehension Attempt
10% For Causing Forfeiture to be Set Aside by Reinstatement, after first Apprehension Attempt
10% Causing Forfeiture to be Set Aside by law enforcement apprehension
20% For physical apprehension & booking

Fugitive recovery network

Strategic Investigative Services strongly endorses BAILSPEAK as California's premiere Bail Agent and Bounty Hunter training provider. You will simply not find training like this anywhere else.



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